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Welcome to Taaltrotters!

This websites takes you to the world of Taaltrotters, to explore the
amazing world of language.
Taaltrotters demonstrates that multilingualism is a positive thing and  
makes you proud of your  language abilities!

Besides this website, there is also a Taaltrotters cd-rom with movie and
interactive games and a Passport, that you need on Lessons. All together
they make a package, which helps you to understand  language awareness
and makes studying fun!

Without registration you can watch a Movie fragment from Taaltrotters
cd-rom,  use School finder and get a general view of Language Network.
After registration you can make your Language Network, play with Word
Exchange and see the Lessons.  Ask the registration code from your
teacher and start your registration by clicking Student registration on
the front page.

Please note that a part of this website is only in English language.