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Classroom Package

The classroom package consists of the Taaltrotters passport, the CD-ROM with the film and the lessons, and the log-in for the website with the teacher guide and the interactive games.

The Taaltrotters passport

The Taaltrotters passport follows the structure of the film. The four sections in the passport are connected to the four pupils and their specific linguistic themes. The passport contains 40 pages of information, exercises and fill-in-tasks. The passport and the CD-ROM together make up about twenty class hours.

The Taaltrotters CD-ROM

On the Taaltrotters CD-ROM you can watch the film, play the interactive games, and sing along with the Taaltrotters song. In addition, the CD-ROM contains lessons the pupils do in class or at home. The lessons connect fragments from the film with the tasks in the Taaltrotters passport.

The Taaltrotters Teachers guide

The Taaltrotters teacher guide contains linguistic background information and helps teachers to structure the lessons. The guide is available on the website and on the CD-ROM as a PDF file.