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Taaltrotters Abroad is an educational multimedia project for pupils from 12 to 16 years old, about language awareness, multilingualism and linguistic diversity. It is the European adaptation of the successful predecessor developed for the Netherlands and Flanders in 2002. Versions are available in Dutch, German, Finnish and Swedish.

Taaltrotters Abroad challenges the pupil to look into his own linguistic identity. It shows that language is fun, and that crossing linguistic barriers is exciting. Pupils become more conscious language users. Their sensitivity towards languages grows.

Schools are invited to participate in this European Lingua project. Go to Order and Registration.

Word Exchange

  • oppilas has entered the most words.
  • The most active city is Tampere.
  • The word most used as meaning is Massi.

My Language Network

  • The latest network entry: SST/TTA Coordinationteam
  • Most active city:
  • 14 languages together in all networks.


  • Country with most classes: Finland
  • There are 3 schools from 3 countries.
  • The latest class is Vartiokyl√§n 9F 2010